Ivory Coast is coming at the FIAN!

Ivory Coast is a true model in terms of agricultural development on an African scale. It is therefore an honor and a privilege to be able to count on the presence of such an economic actor for FIAN. This visit is part of a movement of cooperation between Senegal and Ivory Coast in the field of agriculture.

Why the Ivory Coast?

Because 50% of its economy is based on agriculture. These few figures give an idea of ​​the diversity and volumes of Ivorian production:

  • Maize with 608,032 tonnes on 278,679 hectares
  • Rice with a production of 673,006 tonnes on a cultivated area of ​​340,856 hectares
  • Vam with 4,970,949 tonnes over 563,432 hectares
  • Assava with 2,047,064 tonnes over 269,429 hectares
  • Plantain with 1,519,716 tonnes over 433,513 hectares
  • Cocoa 335,000 tonnes
  • Coffee 250,000 tons
  • Cotton 150,000 tons
  • Palm oil 120,000 tonnes
  • Coconut 240,000 tons
  • Copra 43,000 tonnes
  • Cashew
  • Cola nut
  • Sugar cane 1,430,000 tonnes
  • Rubber tree 136,000 tonnes

More information here: https://www.agrici.net/

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