Partnership Convention Senegal-France

The Director-General of SAED and the CEO of the French company MEOSS signed a partnership convention in Saint-Louis (northern Senegal). The convention aims to equip SAED with decision-making tools in the agricultural domain.

Convention Objectives:

  1. Cooperation Strengthening: The convention aims to enhance cooperation between France and Senegal in agriculture.
  2. Decision Support: It seeks to provide SAED with effective tools for informed decision-making regarding land development and exploitation.

Practical Implications:

  • SAED will benefit from analyses based on satellite images and other data to optimize land management.
  • Decision support tools will improve crop planning, enhance productivity, and promote sustainable development.

This convention reflects the commitment of both countries to collaborate on agricultural development and share knowledge and technologies. It paves the way for better utilization of agricultural resources in Senegal.

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