Attract all trades related to this sector to allow them to discuss and meet. Connect the big but also the small producers with the export companies, or the Senegalese wholesalers and the road transporters, but also maritime, the ports.

Encourage countries to promote their production of agricultural equipment and / or agricultural products (seeds, fertilizers, etc.), but also with potential investors in this sector of the future.

Bring in foreign importers of agricultural products, from Rungis, Le Havre, Marseille, but also from other countries (Netherlands, England …) and African countries.

Bring in the donors and financiers who have enabled significant progress in this sector (AfDB, AFD, EU, Crédit Agricole, BNDE, BICIS, SGBS, etc.) the chambers of agriculture from the regions twinned with Senegal, the institutions which contribute to the development of the river valley such as OMVS, SAED, FAO, ISRA, CIRAD, IRD …

This fair should not be the fair for only important producers or agro-industrialists, but make it possible in the form of sponsorship, donors, by the CSR of important companies or through partner countries to offer stands to small farmer groups. This fair must embody as faithfully as possible the agricultural and rural world of today. This is to allow the rental of agricultural equipment to find customers and to the small farmers’ cooperatives to get to know these service providers better.

Bring wholesalers and local supermarkets (Large traders, Auchan, Casino …) to distribute new products, drum manufacturers, cardboard companies, tarpaulin manufacturers …

These are the training schools, which by their presence, may create vocations, in a trade or engineering, the technique and standards require more and more skills and will forge links with companies, to lead the training. towards the needs expressed by these employers. To find partnerships leading to internships that will complete the technical training of agricultural students. To go to production centers with additional training for managers or technicians who want it. These are conferences or meetings to talk about the problems but especially the solutions with the State, the ports, the carriers, the buyers, the importers and the exporters.

Events will be created for this fair, such as a fashion show organized by a Senegalese designer with agricultural workers. It will also be a market for locally produced products.

The Bou el Mogdad will be in the lock and its upper deck will allow sponsors to invite the people they wish (capacity 150 people). The middle deck will be used for small private meetings of 10 to 15 people. The lower room will be used for small conferences or for refreshments (capacity of 70 people).

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