Agricultural training in Diama

The Senegalese government is opening a training center for agricultural machinery trades in Diama, to meet the demand of Senegalese companies; the aim is to provide the country with profiles for the management and maintenance of agricultural machinery.

Funding is provided by the Senegalese government and the French development agency. The main skills sought are:

  • Offer qualifications on agricultural machinery
  • Provide expertise in agro-equipment, processing and valuation of agro-industrial products, market and sector studies
  • Enable technology transfer
  • Train drivers, repairers and service providers
  • Create and manage agricultural businesses
  • Train specialists in irrigation, hydraulics and on-board electronics

The center was inaugurated a few days ago by the Senegalese Minister of Employment, Vocational Training, Learning and Integration, Dame Diop and is part of a global approach to food self-sufficiency and development. export of Senegalese agricultural products.

Source: Ecofin Agency

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